Prevention & Gum Care

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Oral Prevention & Gum Care is Half the Battle

Brushing and flossing stand atop the DIY preventative care pedestal. You have the power to remove plaque and tartar before they build-up and ultimately give bacteria access to your system. Brushing and flossing also help by ridding the mouth of excess bacteria that leave behind acidic waste which causes tooth decay. The difference you can make in your own oral health is monumental, but it is only the beginning of a comprehensive long-term oral health care plan.

Your trusted Palm City dentist, Dr. S. Donovan Essen, and his team take up the battle against gum disease and decay during your twice-yearly dental exam. Our dental hygienist is a master at reaching hard to reach places that plaque, tartar, and bacteria like to hide. At Essen Dentistry, we value the experience of each patient that trusts us with their dental care.

Why is Brushing and Flossing Not Enough?

A thorough dental examination does so much more than just keep your teeth clean. Early detection of many dental health issues can potentially save you time, money, and pain down the road. During a visual exam, Dr. Essen looks for evidence of decay, screens for oral cancer, and inspects the gums for signs of gum disease. We will also measure your gum pockets to determine if a deep cleaning is necessary. Ignoring dental problems can lead to extensive cosmetic restorations in the future.

How do Common Preventative Treatments Work?

Fluoride treatment helps strengthen tooth enamel and makes it difficult for bacteria to do its damage.

Sealants do exactly what the name implies. A plastic coating is brushed onto the teeth, particularly the molars, to seal teeth and prevent cavities.

High-resolution imaging and digital x-rays help your dentist see what lies below the surface. Even if a cavity is visible, Dr. Essen has no way of knowing how deep many cavities are without an x-ray. This incredible tool also allows us to see impacted teeth, teeth that are yet to erupt, and hidden cysts or tumors.

Take Control of Your Oral Health

You have the power to take control of your oral health. Start by brushing teeth at least twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and an A.D.A. approved fluoride toothpaste. Traditional dental floss or individual flossers should be used at least once a day. Give your Palm City dentist a call at (772) 287-6717, or contact us online to schedule an appointment to get your dental health back on the right track.

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