Dental Implants

Be Bold, Take Back Your Smile with Dental Implants

A confident smile is often underrated. People avoid smiling when front teeth are broken, discolored, or misshapen. Whether injury or decay cause the damage, it can seem like the missing or unhealthy teeth try to take over your smile. Missing or broken teeth put many of your favorite foods out of reach. Unlike dentures and traditional bridges, once healing is complete you can rely on your implants to be as strong, if not stronger, than your natural teeth. Dr. S. Donovan Essen, D.D.S. is the Palm City Cosmetic Dentist to see if you have considered dental implants as a viable treatment option.

How Does the Implant Process Work?

Implants are dental prosthetics that look and feel like natural teeth. You will begin with a consultation and examination with Dr. Essen. After a thorough exam, x-rays are taken and a plan is developed based on the condition of the teeth, jaw bones, and gums.

Any existing root structure is removed, so the jaw bone has a clear space for the implant. Biocompatible titanium rods allow the bone to grow around the rod and fuse it in place. A connector piece called an abutment will eventually be added, followed by a permanent crown. Temporary teeth may be necessary until healing is complete. Individual patient factors determine healing times, which can range from three to eight months.

What Types of Implants are Common?

Single tooth implants top the list when one or more single teeth need to be replaced. This type of prosthetic tooth is created to match the size and color of the surrounding natural teeth.

Bridge implants, not to be confused with traditional bridges, do not require surrounding teeth to be altered. When two or more teeth in a row must be replaced, why not use a bridge implant? Surrounding healthy teeth are untouched, so further extractions may be prevented through better oral hygiene. It is easier to clean around and between teeth when the bridge is stand-alone.

Full mouth restoration can be made more pleasant in the long run with dental implants. Titanium rods are positioned strategically to act as support structures. Dentures can be made to snap on permanently or be removed. No slippage occurs since these special dentures are firmly held in place by the implants, so all those foods you stopped eating are back on the table.

What to Expect

Some people are afraid of the pain involved, but it is not much different than a tooth extraction, so local anesthesia usually does the trick. The team at Essen Dentistry works to make patients comfortable throughout the Implant Dentistry treatment. Once healed, patients simply brush, floss, and rinse to protect teeth and prevent future damage. Regular dental appointments to check and clean teeth will help maintain your new smile. Port St. Lucie residents are invited to stop in our Palm City office to learn about the benefits of dental implants.


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