All On 4 Dental Implants

Enjoy Your Dentures with All-On-4 Dental Implants

When full arch replacement becomes necessary, seek out Essen Dentistry and the All on 4 procedure that uses four implants to anchor new teeth in 1 day. Slippage, pain, and irritation will no longer get in the way of speaking and eating. Patients with all-on-four enjoy foods they once avoided due to traditional dentures. Smiles are more abundant in Palm City when people are certain their dentures will stay in place.

What does All-On-Four entail?

  1. An exam and consultation are followed by a treatment plan.
  2. If any natural teeth remain, they are extracted.
  3. Four implants are screwed into the upper jaw bone, lower jawbone, or both.
  4. A temporary set of prosthetic teeth are attached.
  5. Once the mouth is healed, permanent porcelain teeth are attached.

What makes All-on-Four so great?

Dr. S. Donovan Essen, D.D.S. is excited to introduce patients to this incredible implant procedure. Though the mouth takes time to heal, you walk out of this cosmetic procedure with a smile that will likely be stronger than your natural smile ever was.

Essen Dentistry is the all-on office providing you with the most permanent solution for total mouth restoration. Four biocompatible titanium rods are all that is needed to hold a full fixed bridge. Biocompatibility ensures the bone fuses with the rods, holding the implants firmly. By implanting specific rods at 45-degree angles, Dr. Essen makes better use of available bone.

As people lose teeth, the jaw bone and gum tissue begin to deteriorate or shrink back. Tilting implants as needed eliminates many of the issues that result from a lack of bone structure. The angling also spares the sinus cavity from being impacted and can actually reduce the likelihood a bone graft will be needed.

Where do I start?

Dr. Essen and is the Palm City dentist committed to his patients throughout the course of treatment and beyond. Because each person’s treatment is different, individualized treatment plans ensure proper care whether you need one arch restored or both. Until the mouth heals and the bone fuses with the implants, soft foods and liquids will help with comfort. Remember to keep your mouth clean by brushing and rinsing with an antimicrobial rinse at least twice a day. Get ready to experience a new smile that won’t fail you when you least expect it.

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Why we are better
Why we are better
Why us
Why we are better
Why we are better
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